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Yo guys, 

Since I get a few certain questions asked frequently (not just on DA but) I may as well write an FAQ here.
Also, sorry I'm not around a lot, my dayjob is about creating art so I only upload doodles when I remember to.
I don't think I've uploaded even a third of them so maybe one day I'll make a huge ass compilation of forgotten doodles or just keep on forgetting...



1. Are you in artschool?
No, I used to believe I had to go to an art school to learn how to draw. Nowadays I just go with whatever.

2. Do you use references for your poses?
No. I used to think that was the only way to learn drawing and I would try from observation but noticed it only bothered my imagination and killed my flow/spirit/motivation. It was also boring as hell, to the point where my brain stopped working because it wasn't stimulated by having to copy something un-originally. I hated it so much. I still hate studying poses from references - whether illustrations, animations or photos or irl. In short, all my art is completely from imagination.

Everyone learns things differently. I do by randomly picking up details and observing and keeping stuff in mind and to just live in the present rather than stress myself over techniques and technical aspects of art. These things can be learnt naturally without thinking too much about it - just making mental notes. I do this naturally instead of forcing tutorials or try to be someone else with my art. I don't beat myself over things anymore either, I don't care if my art is shit or good, I just do whatever I want as long as everyone around me are happy. Because the people I love takes precedence over self-pitying. Art is not my life, basically. Art is a PART of my life, I do plenty other things aside of it.

3. What programs do you use?
a) Art:
Photoshop CS6 - painting, doodling, sketching, animating and 3D model textures.
Sai - sometimes for comics or for fun or when I want to quickly install some drawing program.
Flash CS6 - Animation (At work I do modular animation, similar to Odin Sphere etc.)
Blender and Maya 11 for generally anything with 3D.
Zbrush for sculpturing 3D.

b) Music: 
Audacity and Goldwave for recording singing/instruments and cleaning up audio.
Fruity Loops 11 on the computer and Fruity Loops studio mobile on the iPhone for digital music.

c) Programming:
Visual studio express - C++
CodeBlocks - C++ (Unfortunately, my favourite program but my current compiler can't compile C++11 standards so I need to upgrade to something that can, the one in VSE can though.)

5. Where do you work?
At Mojang AB on a game called scrolls, it's not that big of a game but it's fun to work on because of the art heaviness. Hundreds of finished illustrations, unit/character animations, background art etc. We're always pumping out new content, but they're buffered into the game so when my art is out it's already been old for awhile. 

I'm the co-founder of Coilworks AB that I work with on my freetime. We've recently released the game Cloudbuilt which can be found on steam.

What do you do on your freetimet then? More art?
No. Too much drawing bores me out since I do that as part of my job everyday already. I love phyiscal activities like sports and I like to build stuff (bits of carpentry - but I would like to work with metal someday soon), crochet, sing, voice-act, play my drums/guitar/piano, learn the violin. I've been studying some robotics on the side too and electricity and one of my dreams is to to play with thermodynamics to create functional automations. I program on the side and it stimulates my OCD for structure and organization. I'm interested in medicine so I spend a lot of time studying it on my phone whenever I have the time. I'm also an inexhaustible hypothetical speculatist (-coughsconspiracistcough-) with way too much space in my head for crazy thoughts. (As perceived by others, but you just have to make the logical connections yourself to see.)

So yes, thank you for your time and your questions! Bye bye! Sorry for being so inactive.


Poi Poi Chen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art


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Broomint Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Poi where are you ;_; pls come back
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are you on any social network?
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Saw CloudBuilt on summer sale, solid game, Poi! 
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hey Poi! do you have a tumblr?
BlackBeltPanda Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Your artwork reminds me of Scrolls.

Oh wait.. =P
hadesha Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
of pssssfffhsh :P
BlackBeltPanda Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
It really is great artwork, though. =)
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Your stuff is too nice *w* ohgoshhhh
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draw mokie
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